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THE FEARS (2020)

Exhibition held at Malvin Gallery, Madrid.

This work reflects one of the enigmas that fascinates me the most.

And it is the reflection of the world of emotions, of dreams, all that brain activity that escapes our rational part and that, according to science, constitutes the basis of our behavior. The reason rationalizes behaviors but their motivation is usually different.

This interest underlies the art of all times, after all it is to express what we feel with a language other than rational. The works of Fussli, the engravings and black paintings of Goya, the Surrealists, Bacon and many others tried to use this language. And it is also the sustenance of my artistic interest.

In this work, almost a scene, a man is seen in a position of immobility because he is blocked in his own posture, as if in waiting or meditation, and suddenly a head emerges from his floor or mattress ready to devour him or to dialogue with him. he only succeeds in removing his legs

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