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Exhibition held on the balcony of Villa Pilar (Nemonon), Pontevedra.

My characters are created by the same emotional language as in dreams and, as in them, different levels of depth are established, represented by fat, athletic men.

Although it is not usual for the author to make a declaration of intentions about his work, and even assuming that the artistic work is not limited to his intentions but that his polysemy always allows new interpretations, I think it is worth giving you know my impressions about this exhibition.

I could approach it as "a look at human relationships" emphasizing the image we project, the interpersonal relationship -which always conceals power relationships- and, finally, the gesture as a vehicle for transmitting our feelings.

In the first case, it is about the non-coincident relationship between what one is and the image that is projected. It all depends, as in the proverb, on the color of the glass with which you look. We always interpret according to our own value code which, in addition to being personal, is cultural.

In the second, the relationship with the other. Communication is seldom neutral, the normal thing is that it depends on numerous factors among which the personality of the interlocutors is decisive. It is not usually a communication between equals but rather power relationships are manifested, in which the prevailing points of view are those of the dominant one.

The exhibition mainly shows busts of the so-called "mountain men", made from resins and other materials, but always polychrome, in order to give the figures more realism. These statues all make up their own universe, whose members interact with each other and with the public.

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